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1967 Lancia Fulvia 1.3HF


1967 Lancia Fulvia 1.3 HF. These highly desirable Fulvias are extremely rare, especially in RHD UK supplied form as here. We have known the car since 2000 when we carried out extensive work for a previous owner. It remains in exceptionally good original condition, having never been restored, and is all the better for it in our opinion. The original aluminium bonnet, boot and doors remain, as do the plexiglass side and rear windows. The 1.3 HF was a true homologation special, extensively and successfully rallied by the factory in period. The car is mechanically excellent, the engine having been re-freshed by well-known specialist DTR in London to a strong rally specification. The gearbox is excellent and the brakes and handing are sublime as a well set up series 1 should be. In our opinion the performance equates to a standard 1.6HF Fanalone, its immediate successor. With Fanalones now fetching north of £80,000 (we have sold 2 recently) this 1.3 HF is excellent value at £31,950.

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